Levi Dean & The Americats

Quarter of a Century

Released: 2009-05-01

Why does Dean’s 3rd album, Quarter of a Century, stand out from his beloved first two releases? For one, he’s now a solo artist. This album is aptly named Levi Dean and Dean Station - Levi plays acoustic guitar, mandolin, piano - even some bass and electric guitar. He has a sincere talent for writing harmonies and killer build-ups. With one female exception, all harmonies are varying degrees of Levi’s vocal extremes. This album is heart-felt, screaming honest emotion – it’s dark and bright, good and evil, sexy and saintly.


  • Leaving Appalachia
  • Vindictive VikenPlay
  • Temporary Breakthrough
  • On Demand
  • Money Ran Out
  • Quarter of a Century
  • ZirkiePlay
  • The Strait is the Gate
  • Reyna LeePlay
  • Unmerited Favor
  • Roots
  • Bosque